Standing on The Shoulders of Giants

A digital journey

Attacking Angles is a reference to a fighter pilot’s drive to live near the edge of the “critical Angle of attack (AOA)” and maximize aircraft performance. Exceeding the critical AOA drains aircraft energy, can cause result in departure from controlled flight and often means the difference between winning the fight or going home a loser. In actual fighter combat, the consequences can be fatal.

Outside the cockpit, the adventurer pushes the limits of his equipment and personal safety envelope in search of something greater because a life with neither risk nor adventure is a life unclaimed. Challenging limits does not come without cost. The mountain climber falls; the extreme skier tumbles down an icy narrow chute; the fighter pilot may be forced to leave the safety of his cockpit. Bones are broken, lives are interrupted and sometimes the cost of living with abandon is great. While it is true that none of us get out unscathed, it is the reward of having risked that leaves an indelible mark on ones soul and character. This is our reward.

Each time one follows the road less traveled, our personal well of courage fills and prepares us for the next fork in the road. It is this courage that builds endurance, character and yields creative solutions to unsolved puzzles; it is this character trait that gives us strength to climb on the shoulders of giants who inspire and propel us to greatness. May each of us be a giant that inspires, raises up and encourages others to reach for what others doubt possible. – JC

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